What is your experience in handling murder and assault possession of firearms cases?

Winona, MN Criminal Defense Attorney J.P. Plachecki discusses the cases he’s taken on involving various violent crimes.

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I’ve been involved in numerous appeals on murder cases. In Massachusetts right before I started with the government I ghost wrote two briefs first degree murder cases, one successful, one partially successful. I was involved with one of the first cases with the battered woman syndrome defense, Eugena Moore. I was also involved with Louis Santos where he was freed. And I remember in that case when I was stacked up with all the appeal records there was only one eyewitness to the murder and it was a mildly retarded man named Charles Bartick. And during trial, he was asked to identify the assailant and rather than pick out the person that was at counsel table, he picked out someone 30 rows back in the gallery and it was the defendant’s brother that he picked out. And at that point, the hair on my neck stood up and I was going to call Louis’ mom when I finished writing the brief saying he’d be getting out soon but I knew the firm that I was with wouldn’t let me do that.