Educate the Jury

Winona, MN Criminal Defense Attorney J.P. Plachecki talks about Doug Thomson and his success stories.

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Doug had a way of doing voir dire that would educate everyone in the pool, all the veneer men before they became jurors. And I think without doing the great job on voir dire any attorney is lost. In voir dire, what Dougie would ask, he would say before any evidence is introduced, before anyone testifies he would say, “Are you leaning one way or the other?” And most jurors candidly say, they think they’re choosing the right answer, “No, I’m not leaning anyway.” And Dougie would then say, “Well then, you don’t understand the presumption of innocence because you should be squarely on innocent.” And the voir dire is the start of the education process for the jurors who know nothing but what they see on TV.