Be Who You Are

Winona, MN Criminal Defense Attorney J.P. Plachecki shares stories about famous lawyer Doug Thomson.

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I think from Doug and I hope I don’t tear up during this, be who you are but have a little bit of Doug Thompson in you. And what that means is you call things by their right name yet you’re fair. And I think what Doug brought to the practice is compassion and wit and to this day, if you – Doug Thompson use to pack the courtrooms when he’d give closing argument whether it was Ramsey Coney, Hennepin Coney the great Glennsheer massacre case up in Duluth.

If you ever want to hear Doug Thompson give a closing in 2016 even though he passed I 2007 you can find me and watch Doug Thompson close. And I gave his closing the last time was October 13 of this year a 27-minute acquittal. And after that case, 10:30 at night after having several wild turkey like Doug would have, I sent a text to his longtime partner and my good friend and colleague, Deborah Ellis. And the text was that I told her about the FNG found not guilty, assault on a police officer and I texted that it was all Dougie all day right down to the closing, the story of William Penn. And Deborah text back, Dougie would be proud of you.