What’s the most rewarding aspect of your work as a lawyer?

Bloomington, MN Community Association Law Attorney Finn Jacobsen talks about his favorite part of being a lawyer.

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I would say the most rewarding aspect is getting good results for clients. Very often when people come to us it’s because they’re at the end of their rope they can’t get the result they need or they’re in a bad situation and so they need someone who can pull the right levers and help them out in the legal realm. And why it might be unpleasant at first to have to deal with a lawyer to jump through the hoops the rewarding part is at the very end when you say hi, client, we’re done with this. You got this amount of insurance money or we’ve resolved this dispute with your homeowners association or dear homeowner association we’ve now gotten you the money that you were owed or we resolved this dispute and you can move on with your lives and you don’t have to deal with this anymore. Just getting closure for them and helping them finish off the dispute they have is very satisfying because no one likes to come to a lawyer but then when you can resolve it and finish the dispute it’s very satisfying.