What made you decide to become a lawyer?

Bloomington, MN Community Association Law Attorney Finn Jacobsen talks about why he became a lawyer.

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I decided to become a lawyer because I see a lot of conflict in the world. There’s a lot of conflict in people’s everyday lives, you know, both at the macro level and at the individual level. And I think the legal system offers a unique arena to resolve those disputes in a civil matter. I can go up against another attorney who says I think you’re wrong and I’ll tell him respectively, I think you’re wrong. And we can adamantly disagree and we have this system that allows us to resolve the dispute. We’ve got the judge, we’ve got the jury, we’ve got a way to resolve these disputes so we don’t have to beat our chests and take our clubs and hit each other over the head with it. And I really like the idea of being able to civilly resolve disputes because having a problem with someone, having a dispute whether you’re a homeowner association, whether you’re an individual person fighting with your insurance company you’re going to have disputes it’s human nature. But being able to have that arena where I can work on behalf of my clients to resolve that dispute is something that I really enjoy and appreciate.