What is your experience in HOA law?

Bloomington, MN Community Association Law Attorney Finn Jacobsen talks about his background in HOA law and various cases and circumstances he’s been a part of in his career.

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So yeah, we offer a lot of different services for homeowners association, basically, from start to finish, a one-stop shop for associations, if you will. From the more high level, stuff where we’ll help look at their governing documents, their declaration, their bylaws. Help them not only interpret it but also amend it, fix it if they want, redraft it, tell them what it says sometimes it can be a dense legal document that an attorney wrote and I can help translate that or help write them a new one that’s written in plain English. So high-level governing document stuff all the way down to the sort of nuts and bolts, everyday stuff that associations have whether it be a disputed insurance claim, whether it be a lawsuit that the association is dealing with.

I’ve got one now where an association is dealing with some leasing issues with a commercial entity and trying to help kind of resolve that issue because it’s a little odd for a commercial entity to be renting the way they’re renting from this association. So I kind of help them navigate those waters when you’ve got attorneys on the other side. We’ll also do past due assessment collection for associations help them get the money that they’re owed. And even just general litigation matters for associations.

If they’re being sued by a homeowner or sued by a contractor we’ll help step in and honestly, try to get insurance coverage so they don’t have to pay for an attorney but if there’s not that we’ll come in and help defend them or help prosecute a claim on their behalf. We’ve even done some odd little things for associations where we’ve taken out restraining orders on behalf of the board of directors where they’ve got a homeowner who’s addressing the board. We’ll help them take out a restraining order against this problem homeowner or third party.