How can I tell whether I have a construction defect claim?

Minneapolis, MN commercial litigation attorney Michael Moline talks about the various construction defects that might occur in a building.

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Finding out whether your building has a construction defect in it is very difficult because the nature of construction defects is that they’re covered up. But an experienced professional can tell on visual examination some of the telltale signs for construction defects. The first thing that you look for are signs of water damaging the building from the inside, water that’s getting inside the building envelope and damaging the structure. That would include peeling paint, wavy siding, cracked stucco, cracked masonry. The other thing that you look for are missing elements in the building that should be there, things like kick-out flashings at roof-wall intersections, flashings over the doors and windows that prevent water from entering around the openings of doors and windows, and caulk at areas where there are joints. If there are any open penetrations in the building envelope, that’s also a danger sign. So a good construction professional will look at those things and determine whether there is a likelihood that your building has a construction defect.