Why would a client choose Lommen Abdo to hande their commercial litigation matter?

Minneapolis, MN commercial litigation attorney Michael Moline discusses what Lommen Abdo does in order to successfully handle a commercial litigation case.

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Lommen Abdo has a special way of approaching commercial litigation. We use a team approach that puts specialists of each phase of commercial litigation on the team to represent the client. We’ve found that each client requires somebody that has deep knowledge of their business interests. They need an attorney that has deep knowledge of the area of law where the dispute is being handled, and they need someone who is expert in litigation. So what we have found is that the lawyer that has the closest relationship with the client and knows their business the best should team up with a subject matter specialist who understands that area of commercial law and a litigation specialist who understands litigation. And between the three of them, that team provides the best service to the client because the client is assured that someone who has the best level of expertise is handling each of the issues that comes up during the case.