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Minneapolis, MN commercial litigation attorney Michael Moline tells us a successful case he took on regarding construction litigation.

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I’ve had a number of trials that are quite memorable. When I was younger, I had a construction – I had a products liability case in federal court that lasted ten days. I represented the country’s largest manufacturer of nails, or as we call them, industrial fasteners. They were accused of manufacturing a defective nail that was used in a mobile home manufacturing plant, and I’m delighted to report that after ten days of trial, the jury awarded a defense verdict.

Another case that I enjoyed very much was in Miami, Florida. It was a large mansion on one of the – a residence on the beach in Miami. A very wealthy individual had purchased a house that had construction defects, and the window manufacturer retained me to represent their interest in that case. It was over $3.5 million claim, and after about a week court trial, the judge entered a complete defense award in my client’s favor.