What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Bloomington, MN Community Association Law Attorney Anthony T. Smith talks about the most rewarding part of his job.

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It’s strange to say this but I think the most rewarding thing are those little moments. Every once in a while something totally unexpected will happen and your clients will surprise you. And clients expect quality service so we don’t necessarily get a whole lot of pats on the back from people because they pay us good money to provide quality representation to them.

But every once in a while something will happen where someone definitely shows their true appreciation. I took a phone call the other day and I talked to somebody who didn’t turn into a client just gave e them maybe three or four minutes’ worth of quick advice because I didn’t think it was worth them hiring a lawyer. And the next day, I got a hand written thank you card from that person. And that’s got nothing to do with taking any case to court but it’s one of those little moments where you realize that by taking that phone call and giving someone a few minutes of your time you really made a tangible difference in their lives. And those are the little moments that are quite rewarding when something like that happen.