What is your philosophy as a lawyer?

Bloomington, MN Community Association Law Attorney Anthony T. Smith discusses his main philosophy as a lawyer.

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Honesty, I mean that has to be the number one principal. I try to make sure that before I take a case I can do the client some tangible good. If I can’t help a client in a meaningful way, I’m going to tell them that from the outset and I’m not going to take their case. And I tend to think that folks appreciate that. They appreciate the honesty. They appreciate not being drawn into a quagmire where they’re pursuing a bad claim or taking an unreasonable action that won’t benefit them simply because they can. We try to make sure in terms of going back to this philosophy of developing long term relationship we want to make sure that we’re honest with people about what they’re likelihood of success is and what we can reasonably do for them. And only after that conversation takes place do we develop an attorney client relationship.