What services does Smith Jadin Johnson offer to HOAs?

Bloomington, MN Community Association Law Attorney Anthony T. Smith talks about the specific services his firm offers to HOA’s.

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Well homeowners associations have a wide variety of legal needs. Some of them need what I would consider to be general counsel advice where they need someone to help them review and interpret their governing documents, make sure that they’re following those governing documents. Sometimes they need someone to help them enforce their governing documents. You have a homeowner, for example, that doesn’t want to turn their stereo down and is disruptive to the rest of the community, and the board is throwing their arms up because they’re frustrated. We can help resolve those situations. Sometimes they need someone to help them revise their documents when they’re less than clear or when needs of the association changes. We can help them do that too. And sometimes they need us to help them with litigation matters. Sometimes they may have a claim that needs to be put into suit and we can help them with all of that. We tend to view ourselves as providing a comprehensive range of services to those HOA clients.