What does Smith Jadin Johnson do for its clients?

Bloomington, MN Community Association Law Attorney Anthony T. Smith talks about the services his firm provides.

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We don’t try to be everything to everybody. We focus on doing a handful of things and doing them very well. The first practice area that we focus on is the insurance coverage work. We represent policyholders exclusively when they have problems dealing with their insurance companies and those can take a wide variety of shapes but we try to help those policyholders resolve those problems.

The second thing that we do is we spend a lot of time and effort working with common interest communities, townhome associations, condominium associations, single-family homes that may be subject to restrictive covenants. They have a wide range of needs everything from governance and operation to enforcing rules and regulations, interpreting their governing documents, keeping Mrs. Johnson’s dog from pooping on the lawn. And we help those associations keep the trains running on time provide them with good, legal advice.

The final thing that we really try to focus on is construction law and construction litigation. We have a number of cases where we’re dealing with defective construction. We help those property owners resolve those disputes and as a corollary, we also tend to work with a number of contractors trying to prevent them from having to wind up seeing us on the other side.

So those are our three main practice areas.