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Meet Minneapolis attorney Ryan Vettleson in this brief introduction video.

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I decided to get into the legal profession probably some time back in high school. We had a mock trial session of our Civics class in probably ninth grade and doing that mock trial was a real fun experience, a challenging experience, and it just made me think this is something that I’d like to pursue. Then through college I stayed involved with a mock trial at the University of Minnesota – Morris where we ended up going to the national tournament, and again, that was exciting and challenging.

Some places in some types of law you work with businesses and you save them money and you help them, you know, merge. I’m sure that feels good, but when you have an actual person involved and it’s, you know, often times one of the bigger events in their life, and you’re able to help rectify a wrong, or help vindicate their rights, especially an individual who’s injured by a police officer and probably been criminally charged with obstructing justice, it really is rewarding to see the looks on their faces when we get them a good result, have a trial, and vindicate their rights, or end up able to settle the case.