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What is Civil Rights Law?

There is lots of news coverage of modern day civil rights violations. Have you been harassed by police or other governmental entities? Perhaps your civil rights have been violated.

Civil Rights Law Explained

A civil rights violation is really a government actor or a state actor who does something, who does a wrong that’s in violation of one of our rights secure under the Constitution (typically enumerated in the Bill of Rights).

Excessive force is an unreasonable search and seizure under the Fourth Amendment. If it’s a prisoner, it’s an Eight Amendment, cruel and unusual punishment. For example, if they don’t give them medical treatment.

Your boss, for example in an employment relationship, can’t violate your civil rights. Neither can your neighbor. It has to be somebody acting under the color of state law, usually in a uniform, or a probation officer, or a school official, or some sort of county official. It’s the official government act that is wrong and in violation of our Constitution.

A civil rights lawyer will help you file a claim against the government if you were damaged by the civil rights violation. Your claim will be filed in Federal court as it is a federal offense by the police or government.

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