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This brief introduction video featuring civil litigation attorney Tony Edwards features him talking about his background, an inspirational mentor and advice on what to look for when hiring a litigation firm.

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Right out of law school, I accepted a position as an Air Force JAG Attorney. At that time, I really had thought about being a federal prosecutor and had interned at a couple of U.S. Attorneys’ offices and found that a lot of the lawyers had had that experience and one in particular who was kind of a mentor had been a JAG in the Air Force. So I got that job during my third year of law school and immediately started practicing as a military attorney at that time. I did that for about six years.

My mother started law school when I was four. She graduated, so obviously I was seven. She practiced as a criminal defense attorney and then became a judge when I was 13. She was then a judge in Hennepin County for 21 years. And not only is she a person that I’ve always really admired and looked up to, but seeing how she went about handling cases and talking through those cases with her from the time I was pretty young has always really been invaluable to me in thinking about, “Well what might a judge’s perspective be like?”

Some of the questions that I’d be interested to know the answers to are how much that firm or that lawyer actually litigates. That’s an area in which a lot of people represent themselves as trial lawyers but don’t try cases, and there’s really no substitute for having that real-world experience of kind of locking horns and getting in front of a judge or a jury and making the arguments. Obviously you want to have comfort that the law firm has experience is handling the type of matter that you have.