How should one go about hiring a litigation firm? What should I look for?

Minneapolis, MN civil litigation attorney Tony Edwards talks about what one should look for when hiring a litigation firm.

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I think when hiring someone to do litigation, some of the questions that I’d be interested to know the answers to are how much that firm or that lawyer actually litigates. That’s an area in which a lot of people represent themselves as trial lawyers but don’t try cases, and there’s really no substitute for having that real-world experience of kind of locking horns and getting in front of a judge or a jury and making the arguments. Obviously you want to have comfort that the law firm has experience is handling the type of matter that you have. Many times law firms will be so anxious to take on new business that they’ll take on areas where they really are probably not experienced and may lack the competency to really handle the case, and so I’d want to know, “How many cases of this nature have you handled? What’s been your experience and your success in prevailing in those cases?”