What’s your experience as a lawyer?

Minneapolis, MN civil litigation attorney Tony Edwards talks about his background and experience practicing in law.

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Right out of law school, I accepted a position as an Air Force JAG Attorney. At that time, I really had thought about being a federal prosecutor and had interned at a couple of U.S. Attorneys’ offices and found that a lot of the lawyers had had that experience and one in particular who was kind of a mentor had been a JAG in the Air Force. So I got that job during my third year of law school and immediately started practicing as a military attorney at that time. I did that for about six years, and in that role it’s kind of the nature of military practice that you handle a lot of different types of cases, but my last jobs were as the senior prosecutor on the base where I was located and then as the base defense attorney, so I was handling primarily criminal matters. I did that for a total of six years and then decided that I didn’t wanna spend the rest of my thirties and my forties moving every couple of years and relocated back here to Minneapolis, where I was from. Since 2005 I’ve worked with Andrew Parker, my partner now, hand-in-hand, consistently since that time, so for about 13 years we’ve been doing a wide variety of civil litigation, employment law, and overall kind of civil practice.