How long have you provided Affirmative Action compliance services?

Minneapolis, MN business litigation attorney, Ryan Olson, talks about how long his firm has been providing Affirmative Action compliance services.

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Our firm has provided these services for over 20 years. Myself, I’ve been providing them for just over 11, at this point. So it’s becoming a bigger and bigger part of my practice. And what I’ve really enjoyed is getting a chance and in some circumstances to work with a contractor who maybe just became a contractor at about the time I got to know them, work with them develop Affirmative Action plan, have that plan tested through an AUT and resolve in a satisfactory way. So we’ve been doing it for 11 years. I don’t do it myself, I, obviously, have a team. We have two paralegals that I work with on a regular basis as well as anther attorney that assists with some of the additional legal work involved in providing these types of services.