Why should businesses use Felhaber for their affirmative action compliance service’s needs?

Minneapolis, MN business litigation attorney, Ryan Olson, talks about why his firm, Felhaber Larson is vital for handling the needs of businesses’ affirmative action compliance services.

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I think a big reason is our expertise. We have the ability to help a contractor from the beginning to the end. And that’s not always the case there is certainly a number of companies that provide Affirmative Action compliance services as a consulting service but what’s unique to us is we’re able to continually represent clients even during an AUT or if necessary through an enforcement action.

Second, we know both, we’re very familiar with the both the federal and state law. So for those federal contractors who have operations in Minnesota we’re not located elsewhere. We have expertise in both what the obligations are in the federal law and Minnesota law.

I think, also, besides our expertise is just ease of use, we’ve kind of been there done that and so we can use forms to help speed up the process and minimize the burden for businesses. I mean that’s what we want to do. And so I think through our experience we’re able to really move as efficiently and effectively as possible to make it as least burdensome on the business as possible.