What type of work have you been involved in with regard to beer, liquor, and wine distributors and retailers?

Minneapolis attorney Scott Benson of Briol & Associates shares how he owned a liquor distributorship and is involved in beer, alcoholic beverage, and wine distributors and retailers.

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I had an interesting experience. Before I was elected to the council and in between practicing law, I owned a liquor distributorship and we distributed to liquor stores and on-premise bars and restaurants as well, and it gave me a unique perspective on a very highly regulated industry. And so I’ve also had the opportunity to do some lobbying for liquor stores, or for beer taprooms that are coming online now under the taproom law, and work with them to be able to either secure permission of the city to operate or on various issues that they might have with the city of Minneapolis, either regulatory wise or just with neighbors and those types of issues. So, given my perspective of having been in that industry and also been on the regulatory end of it as well, it’s been really a nice match for me to be able to work with those in the liquor and particularly the beer business, as that’s really a burgeoning industry in our city.