How do you maintain utmost privacy for your clients in a high asset divorce case?

Minneapolis attorney Scott Benson of Briol & Associates explains how he keeps confidential information private.

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Well, in our firm, of course, we take it very seriously and don’t discuss our cases outside of the walls of our firm, and our employees know as well that they’re not to discuss anything, any details of any of our cases outside of the firm. And we take that very seriously because oftentimes we’re dealing with people who have very high profiles in the community or whose businesses are very important in the community and the ramifications of having it known that they’re going through a divorce could be detrimental both to their careers or to their business. And so we take that obligation very seriously.

Now, we also want to be able to advise our clients, and do advise our clients, on how best to protect, through a protective order in court, any type of information that should not be disclosed to the public – for example, trade secrets of the company or just general information about the company that would really hurt them in a competitive sense. And so using both our discretion in those cases and then using the court processes that are available in order to protect that confidential information is something we take very seriously.