Describe your work serving on the Minneapolis City Council

Minneapolis attorney Scott Benson of Briol & Associates explains his public service and how he worked on the Minneapolis City Council.

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Well, I was the councilmember for the 11th Ward for two terms, elected the first time in 2001. And in those two terms, of course I did the things that every councilmember does. It’s working with constituents to advance their interests and to resolve issues they may have with the city. The city being a $1 billion enterprise, there are always issues that residents of my ward had with the city in either public works or garbage collection or those types of.
And then the other side of that is doing policy work with the city. And during the time I was on the city council, I was first, during the first term, chair of the Intergovernmental Relations Committee. That’s the committee that essentially lobbies on behalf of the city with other entities, mostly at the state legislature but also on the federal level, also working with Met Council and other local entities – for example, the Park Board in Minneapolis or, at the time, with Library Board as well. That was really an enlightening experience for me. It allowed me, as elected official, to also see the other side and how to work with and persuade and provide information to other elected officials as well.

During my second term I became chair of the Health, Energy and Environment Committee, which was established that year in order to make the city more energy efficient and really look at how the city operated, both from a health standpoint and in reducing its energy usage – another fascinating committee to be a part of. During the whole time I was on the city council, I was vice-chair of the Community Planning and Economic Development Committee. I got to work with some excellent people in order to advance the interests of our city and bring in businesses and work with businesses who wanted to locate here.