How often do you find yourself working a problem with which you are unfamiliar? How does Lommen Abdo help you address that problem?

Minneapolis Business Litigation Attorney Michael Glover talks about the benefits of working at Lommen Abdo in regards to getting questions answered and case help.

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The question I thought was – it was relevant because every week or sometimes almost every day of almost every week, I get a question I just don’t know the answer to. Where I practiced before, we had a little – a limited number of people that you could ask, and a limited number of legal expertise. And, here, I get the same number of questions, maybe even more, but now I don’t have to go very far, or I don’t have to do the research myself. I can at least get the initial information from somebody who is already here, or I can get a referral someplace, or I can get pointed in the right direction, which is hugely important for me.