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A brief introduction video to Minneapolis attorney, Michael Glover.

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Sometimes almost every day of every week, I get a question I just don’t know the answer to. Where I practiced before, we had a little limited number of people that you could ask and a limited number of legal expertise. And here, I get the same number of questions, maybe even more, but now I don’t have to go very far, or I don’t have to do the research myself. I can at least get the initial information from somebody who is already here, or I can get a referral someplace, or I can get pointed in the right direction, which is hugely important for me.

If the attorney can’t be trusted by the client, then you can’t get anything done, and you can’t get any work done, and you can’t do what’s best for the client. Likewise, if the attorney doesn’t trust the client to tell him the straight story to give them all the facts that he needs, then the attorney is left guessing what is really in the client’s best interest. And if the client can’t tell you, or if you don’t believe what the client is telling you, you may guess wrong, and there could be serious consequences as a result.

I think the best way for my clients is to go visit them at their businesses. Most of my clients are business clients, and I find that they are most comfortable when they are in their own environment.