What is the best way to work with, or push back against, government regulators or investigators?

Minneapolis Business Litigation Attorney Michael Glover talks about how to handle government regulators or investigators.

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This is an area that has really become far more prominent, and really in about the past ten years. Governmental regulators, whether it would be with OSHA, whether it would be with the Department of Transportation, the Department of Labor, they are very interested in how you do your business. And for the most part, they have a right to ask questions about your business. But frequently, the investigators will go far deeper than what congress has authorized them to do, and speaking in a federal context. And you have to balance the part of being respectful for the job that they are doing, but also push back when they push too far.

And I think it’s critical for those types of businesses to get a lawyer involved early on because usually a lawyer knows where that fine point is, where you can politely say to the governmental regulator, “No, we are not gonna provide that information to you at this point. Can we move onto the next item?”