Are there alternatives to court?

Minneapolis business litigation attorney George Antrim III discusses alternative dispute resolution.

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Yes, there are. Most common is arbitration. There are many providers of arbitration services. The American Arbitration Association being one of the foremost, and I’ve been associated with them for 30 years. But sometimes your dispute is better placed in the hands of a private institution like the American Arbitration Association.
Arbitration is typically binding, and typically there’s no right of appeal, so you’ve got to be careful when you select arbitration. But, very often, it’s a wonderful way to handle business disputes.
Another way to handle business disputes without going to court is through mediation. Mediation is where the parties get together, but they are kept separate, and a mediator goes back and forth between those parties like Henry Kissinger did back in the ‘70’s. Shuttle diplomacy, if you will, working on both parties in an attempt to get them to settle.
Mediation is different in that it only works if there is settlement. If there isn’t any settlement, mediation is just like it didn’t happen.