Mentors in the practice of law

Minneapolis, MNĀ business litigation attorney Christopher M. Daniels talks about a specific mentor he had and his time working with that mentor.

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So, of course, I’ve had a number of mentors over the years, started my practice at a very large firm in downtown Chicago, had some phenomenal lawyers there, moved out to L.A. after I was practicing for a couple years and eventually worked for a guy named Bill Ginsberg. Bill Ginsberg got his claim to fame when he represented Monica Lewinsky in the Bill Clinton era, salt-and-pepper hair, bowtie, was on all the talk shows. But that’s not what he did. He was a phenomenal trial lawyer. He was one of the most accomplished trial lawyers in the country, and I would go attend trials with him, and I would see how he handled a jury, see how he handled the judge, the opposing side. And the thing I really learned from him was not the technical nuts and bolts of the substance of the case but how to conduct yourself in a courtroom, phenomenal training, phenomenal experience. Bill Ginsburg was a wonderful lawyer, great guy, unfortunately passed away a couple years ago, big loss to the legal community.