A Memorable Case

Minneapolis, MN business litigation attorney Christopher M. Daniels talks about a memorable case that stands out and why it means so much.

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Yeah, I’ve had a bunch of them over the years. I think one of the most rewarding cases I had was actually my longest-running case. Litigation was over a breach of a commercial note, a very complicated case. The person on the other side was notorious in not liking to pay off certain things. The whole case took seven years. It spawned about ten other cases out of it. Some of those cases actually are still existing, and we ended our case a number of years ago. But it was rewarding, because at the end of the day, my client got their money back, got their attorney’s fees back, got their interest back, were made fully whole. And the person on the other side that did not like to pay their debts wound up paying their debts, very rewarding.