How should one go about hiring a litigation law firm -- What traits and experience should one look for?

Minneapolis, MN business litigation attorney Christopher M. Daniels talks about the traits that make a good litigation law firm.

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It’s really not how you go about hiring; it’s how you don’t go about hiring a litigator. It’s a very specialized area of the law, and you really wanna have a relationship, hopefully preexisting, with somebody, either a litigator themselves or somebody that knows a litigator. You know what you don’t wanna do? You don’t wanna get ’em – well, I used to tell people don’t get ’em out of the Yellow Pages. That doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t get ’em off the Internet. Don’t get them without knowing them. Don’t hire a litigator without interviewing them.

Ideally, if you’re a business-owner or C-level in a business, you’re gonna know lawyers. Now, they may not be right for your actual case, but they know people, and they can highly recommend people. And so, I would say go to your trusted advisers and ask them, “Who do you know how there that’s not only a phenomenal technical lawyer but also somebody that you can get along with?” and then interview ’em. Sit down with them. Sit across a table. Look ’em in the eye. Explain your situation. Let them explain where they’re coming from, and if it’s a fit, hire ’em.