What’s your experience as a lawyer?

Minneapolis, MN business litigation attorney Christopher M. Daniels talks about his experience and early beginnings in his career.

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So, I went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, got a degree in accounting, went and worked for Arthur Anderson in Houston, Texas, for three years, got my CPA, then on to law school in Austin. Since I got out of Austin Law School, practiced in Chicago, New York and here always as a business and commercial litigator. And what’s the language of business, accounting, finances? I understand that very well, and it’s phenomenally helpful to me to have a CPA background without – and I get into a lotta cases I don’t have to hire experts a lotta times. I do my own forensic accounting. I understand the finances and underpinnings of a case much better than the opposing counsel typically does, and I can take that to great advantage in my cases.