Is there a way short of going to court that a lawyer can assist a closely held business that has a dispute?

Minneapolis business litigation attorney Charlie Maier explains ways to avoid court.

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I think it’s a mistake if business owners, who are starting to have a dispute between each other, to wait until an actual lawsuit or until they get that far before bringing an experienced lawyer in. A lawyer like myself, who has been through many of these cases can help business owners by telling them, really, what the facts of life are about going through a dispute, how disruptive it is to their business, how emotionally charged it is, how much sort of emotional capital they’re going to spend if they get into a real fight with lawyers in court. So I often can go in and lay out what litigation would look like to these business owners and help them sort of figure out how to resolve their dispute before things get too late. I mean I’ve used the statement sometimes you can’t unfire a bullet to let them know that they really should think through and take the temperature down in their dispute before they get to court and they do something or say something that they really don’t mean and they can’t repair that experience they have with their business partner for family member.