What is your experience in brewery/distillery law?

Minneapolis Minnesota brewery and distillery attorney Jeff O’Brien reflects on his experience advising craft brewhouses and distilleries.

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Well, I’ve been working with breweries and distilleries for about five years now. Actually, over five years. And one became two and two became four and the rest is history. So I work right now with around three dozen breweries, distilleries, and wineries in all stages of life. So we have a lot of clients that are open and have been open for a while, we have a lot of clients that are just opened, we have clients that are soon to be open, and we have some that it may be years before people see them. But we like to work with ’em as early as possible to guide them along the process so that they move towards a successful opening and a successful life with us.

So that’s – so it’s been a nice niche practice, and it’s a nice wide variety of legal issues that I get to deal with being – doing business in real estate, transactional law. All those different aspects of my practice come into play. And it’s fun to be able to go and sit down at a client’s taproom and think that you had some part, some small part in that happening.