Talk about the growth in Minnesota distilleries

Minneapolis Minnesota brewery and distillery attorney Jeff O’Brien reflects how the tap room law fueled the growth of distilleries in Minnesota.

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Well, interestingly enough, the growth in distilleries ties back to the same law that ushered in the growth of breweries, which is the taproom law because in that same legislation, the legislature reduced the license fee for a distillery from $30,000.00 to $1,000.00. And so you had folks that previously had gone across the border into Wisconsin to open their distillery now have the opportunity to open here. And that’s really what led to the growth of our microdistillary industry that’s now here and going. The laws haven’t moved as fast as they have with the breweries. This is a brand new industry. They’re years behind where the breweries were in terms of getting their names out there, getting the reputations, getting the influence at the Capitol. But over time, I think gradually they’ll keep getting law changes and continuing to grow.