Tell us about your brewery and distillery practice group at Lommen Abdo

Minneapolis Minnesota brewery and distillery attorney Jeff O’Brien discusses his craft brewery and distillery legal team.

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I am the Chair of what’s called the Food, Beverage, and Leisure Activities Practice Group, which everybody wants to be on it because we have our meetings usually at a brewery or brew pub. We talk about different issues related to food, beverage, and leisure law, but we focus on issues related to businesses like breweries, like distilleries, brew pubs, restaurants, bars. That’s a different set of issues than other types of businesses. And so we have a whole team here, whether it be myself with business and real estate issues, whether it be our trademark lawyers with those issues, whether it be employment law, whether it be regulatory and litigation. And we get together every once in a while, usually over a beer, and talk about how we serve our clients, what marketing opportunities are available, what other areas that we could expand into as part of that practice. And it’s nice to have the resource and have a team together where we can kinda offer a full service approach to that kind of a niche.