Why do you enjoy the practice?

Minneapolis Bankruptcy attorney Steven Silton shares what he enjoys about being a lawyer.

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Well, I enjoy the practice of bankruptcy in particular because I enjoy working with individuals. I see them at the lowest possible times. We live in a capitalist system in which financial success is considered essentially how you evaluate worth. So particularly individuals who’ve been highly successful and often run very successful businesses when they run in to financial distress, they often feel lower than they ever have. And the ability to work with them and show them that there are options and abilities in which they can essentially rise from the ashes, as a metaphorical phoenix, so to speak, is very, very, very, very rewarding.

Also, to me oftentimes, you have the ability to deal with individuals who are receiving and under such incredible financial distress, and the bankruptcy process at least historically has allowed them to recover from that financial distress with dignity.