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Minneapolis Bankruptcy attorney Steven Silton explains that having astute opposing counsel makes working a case that much more interesting.

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Some of my most memorable cases involve my most adept adversaries. It’s tough to speak about any in particular, but oftentimes, the cases that I think went extremely well – I’d just had a very, very large bankruptcy involving the sale of a South Dakota meatpacking plant. Involved very, very sophisticated credit counsel, and very, very sophisticated secured creditor counselor. And our ability to work together and our ability to stake out what’s in the best interest of all parties is what made the case as successful as it was.

In bankruptcy, what it often does is it turns adversaries into partners because at the time of a bankruptcy filing, the value of those assets are fixed, and you’re not gonna get any more assets. Oftentimes, the business is not gonna get any better. And the key is to maximize the value of those assets in a way that benefits all parties involved. And reaching those common ground quickly with all parties’ interest in mind often is what makes the cases most memorable and most rewarding.