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Meet Minneapolis data protection and financial services attorney, Jerami Kemnitz, in this brief video.

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I got into this area as a first-year attorney sent to New Jersey to review documents in a warehouse. They were paper documents. We started doing a collection out of a large company’s corporate offices in New York and, in a meeting, I asked the naïve question, “Well, in addition to all this paper that we’re collecting and reviewing, what about the drives, what about the computers, what about the e-mail?” And so I was asked to help develop the protocols to collect that electronic information. So I think that was the genesis of my career path into electronic discovery.

My practice is the nexus of business, law, and technology. I started my practice as a commercial litigator, helping companies in litigation, regulatory investigations. After I had been outside counsel, I moved in-house, and this allowed me, as an outside lawyer and an in-house counsel, to work with several different teams – not just the law department but the privacy teams, the technology teams, the records teams. And so, really, this culminates in my ability to help my clients navigate all the challenges they face throughout all of these different disciplines.

I think most companies at this point have figured out the nuts and bolts of e-discovery. They’ve sort of addressed, or tried to address, data privacy concerns as it relates to their business. They have some handle or idea of how to address cyber security and – whether they’re doing it formally or informally – they’ve got records management and some information governance functions. I think what I bring to the table is an ability to talk to them about all of those areas, how they’re interrelated, and to do three things: save them money, mitigate risk, and to take everything they’ve got and make it run a little bit more efficiently.