Are you on any boards or have you had any leadership positions in the Bar or your community?

Minnesota Mediation Attorney, Gregg Johnson, discusses his leadership experience.

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Primarily in the last many years that I’ve served as a Judge I’ve had a lot of leadership
opportunity.  I served as the Assistant Chief Judge of our district for four years, and then I served as the Chief Judge of the Ramsey County Bench for four years.  In that capacity I also served as a member of the Conference of Chief Judges.  Then, when the Judicial Counsel was started I served as a member of the Judicial Counsel, as well as, I Chaired the Finance Committee of that Counsel.  I also have been real active in the Minnesota District Judge’s Association.  I was Vice-Chair of the Benefits and Pension Committee, so I have a lot of experience in dealing with the judge’s pension, as well pay increases for judges, and that type of thing.  Then when I retired, or right before I retired, I served as the President of the Minnesota District Judges Association.