What types of estate planning issues arise after a divorce?

Lakeville, MN family law attorney Julie Seymour talks about the various estate planning issues that may arise after a divorce.

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Once their divorce is finalized, any prior estate planning that you had done is usually void and needs to be reconsidered. The important items to consider in estate planning after a divorce is certainly your inheritance. Typically, when you die, your inheritance will pass to your children and the guardian of their children if they’re minors would be in charge of that inheritance. So if you’re not comfortable with our ex-spouse being in charge of your children’s inheritance it would be wise to contact a lawyer and do some estate planning following your divorce. Also, you would need the designation of a guardian if your ex-spouse and you were to pass away and leave minor children. So it would be important to select a guardian in that situation. And then, of course, a designation of beneficiaries on your life insurance and retirement accounts should not be overlooked following a divorce.