What factors do Minnesota courts look at in determining child support?

Lakeville, MN family law attorney Julie Seymour talks about the various factors Minnesota courts will look at when determining child support.

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Minnesota courts look at a number of factors in coming to a determination of child support. Most importantly, of course, they need to determine the party’s income. That can be easily done when a party has W-2 income and it becomes a little bit more difficult when the party is self-employed. Yet, there are three aspects of child support there’s basic support, medical support, and childcare support. Touching on each of those the court also needs to determine what the amount is of medical and dental insurance is being provided specifically for the children, and if any, the cost of childcare. Once the court has determined that information in then uses a formula that is actually placed on the Minnesota Department of Human Services website. And a calculator puts that information into the calculator with the number of children and the amount of parenting time each party has and a child support calculation is determined at that point.