What is stacking in the insurance industry?

Minnesota personal injury attorney Mike Unger explains what stacking means in the context of the insurance industry.

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Well, stacking is really when you have say more than one vehicle in the case of auto insurance, you have to have separate coverages that apply to each vehicle. Your car, your truck each has a separate coverage and they’ set at a certain amount.

Stacking is the idea that you can take and add those amounts of limits so that you have a larger amount if a claim is made, even though only one vehicle was involved. So if you have a car and a truck, for example. They each might have coverage. Say $30,000.00 for medical expenses is the standard required no-fault coverage. So if you have both of those vehicles and you’re injured, you can with stacking add the $30,000.00 in coverage from both vehicles for any one accident giving you $60,000.00 in coverage.