What is the most rewarding aspect of your law practice?

Minnesota personal injury attorney Mike Unger reflects on why he enjoys being a lawyer.

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Well there are two things I love about the practice of law. Aside from the fact that I have some personal independence and ability to decide what my practice area would be.

One is the response that I get from my clients when I can really help them out. Most of my clients in the personal injury area are really under great stress and have some serious challenges. It’s enormously satisfying to me to be able to come in and help them in a situation that hopefully they’ll never need the likes of me again through the course of their life, but can really make a difference.

That’s the second part of the practice that I enjoy is when I realize in representing a client that I’ve provided them with a certain extra result or really made a difference for them. Given them something unique while trying to help them. That is enormously satisfying to me personally to feel as though I am making a difference and I’m not just one of many interchangeable personal injury lawyers.