At what point after an accident should someone consider contacting a lawyer?

Minnesota personal injury attorney Mike Unger explains when someone should contact a lawyer after a car accident.

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I think whether or not to contact a lawyer right away after an accident depends a bit on what has happened in the accident.  If you feel that you’ve been injured, then you probably should contact a lawyer promptly because there’s a very good chance that you will, in fact, have an injury claim that a lawyer will need to help you with.

If you feel that you want to contact a lawyer, a good way of doing that is if you already know a lawyer or someone in your family is close to a lawyer is to reach out to them.  Even if they’re not an experienced injury lawyer because they know the legal community, they’ll be able to give you good advice or connect you with someone who is an experienced injury lawyer and that’s a much more reliable way of finding a lawyer than just responding to an ad or toll-free number.

Getting yourself to someone who’s in a position to know and can give you some impartial advice about who can help you.