Should I discuss the accident with police if they arrive at the scene?

Minnesota personal injury attorney Mike Unger discusses the problems with talking to police.

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So we’re required to report serious accidents to the police and you’re not to leave an accident scene until the police have arrived and you’ve made the required report because people are sometimes upset, either emotionally or they actually even have a physical response, a stress type response.  A lot of times they’re not in the best position to be answering a lot of questions from the police.

So what you need to do is share the basic information available.  If you find yourself being upset and you’re being grilled by the police officer at the scene about  just exactly what did or didn’t happen and you feel as though you’re not really reliable in answering the questions, you’re not focused, you’re not yourself, you should tell the police officer that you’re upset and you’re feeling some strain and wondering if it’s possible to provide the information later.  Generally they’ll arrange to follow-up with you if they feel they need more detail information.