Describe what makes Unger Law Office different from other personal injury firms.

Minnesota personal injury attorney Mike Unger shares what makes his law firm excel at winning cases.

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Well, when I started the practice of law I started in a personal injury firm with 12 lawyers.  I was mentored by a lawyer who at the time was recognized as the best injury lawyer in the state of Minnesota.  So it was a great learning experience.

After a number of years I then joined a much larger law firm; over 100 members and did personal injury work there as well.  What I came to realize was that the best, most rewarding kind of experience in representing a client were those in which I had personal contact with a client.  Unfortunately in the firm setting, a lot of times the bureaucracy, if you will, gets in the way.  So you have to rely on legal assistants or paralegals or administrative assistants or other support staff to have much of the contact with the clients.

What I also realized is that it’s rare that an injury client would ever need more than one good injury lawyer.  So it struck me that the best way for me to practice was to go out on my own, which I did nine years ago.

So what I think I have to offer to my clients is a honest, direct, one-on-one relationship.  I have an investigator.  I have a legal assistant that I use to help me, but when my clients call I answer their phone calls.  When they leave a message, I return their phone calls.

Through the course of representing them because I get to know them so well from that relationship, I do a better job of advocating for them and talking about the impact that an injury has made on their life because I understand them better and haven’t relied on a lot of other people to handle them through the course of our representation.

To me that’s the most satisfying thing about being a lawyer and I think that’s the best way to deliver effective representation to injured clients.