What is the most common cause of auto accidents that you see in your practice?

Minnesota personal injury attorney Mike Unger explains how texting and driving is now a very common cause of car accidents.

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Well, that’s an interesting question. What causes most auto accidents. That changes over time. One of the things we hear a lot about now is texting while driving. If you’ve had that experience as I’ve had on the road, you see that there are a lot of distracted drivers, but really distraction of drivers is probably the number one cause I would say.

Inattention is also a big cause and, of course, intoxication can be a leading cause of very serious injuries.

If you put those aside as the major causes of most auto accidents, there can be other factors that we see as well from time to time. Those include poor equipment, defective equipment on the automobile or poorly maintained equipment. Also there can be features in the road that can be a problem. There can be even things like Mother Nature. We all have the problem of driving in the country here in Minnesota and having a deer jump out in front of us at the last moment.

So those are other common causes of auto accidents here.