How can I add stacking to my policy if I insure more than one car?

Minnesota personal injury attorney Mike Unger discusses how stacking can impact car insurance.

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Well, it’s important to understand with stacking that there’s only one kind of stacking that’s actually required to be made available to you in Minnesota and that is for no-fault benefits.

So the no-fault benefit coverage is restricted to, by Minnesota law, 20,000 for medical expense and 20,000 for wage loss or other similar kinds of losses. Those are your limits set as a minimum.

Very few, if any, insurance companies will offer you an auto insurance policy with higher coverages for those items. It’s possible. They could, but very few do. So stacking however is required to be offered to you. So if you insure multiple cars, trucks, vehicles, you can simply ask your insurance company to include a stacking feature in your policy. For a very nominal amount of money added to your premium you will have stacking. You get to they call it elect stacking. That way you’ve essentially doubled, tripled however many vehicles you’re insuring.

Your coverage for medical expense and for wage loss if you yourself are ever in an accident and suffer either of those ______.