What makes the strongest trademarks of all?

Attorney Michael Lasky describes how trademarks can be made strong.

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So what makes the strongest trademarks of all? Well they’re not for everybody you’ve got to have courage and you’ve got to be able to understand that building a brand is not the same as picking a descriptor, which is basically the cheap way out. So let’s take Oreo cookies. Think of Oreo as perhaps one of the most bizarre words that we’ve gotten so used to we don’t even think about it as bizarre. It’s Nabisco’s most valuable trademark, most valuable product but what if they had called it twisto cookie or wafericous or something descriptive? Well, it would have been easier for people to understand it right away but in the long haul, it would have been a hemorrhage they could never stop. Because once you choose something that is similar to a descriptor, other people can do the same thing but when you chose these way off beat names and you build brand equity into them, you own it all and that’s what makes really valuable companies.