If I have had a metal-on-metal hip implant and I feel no pain, do I have anything to worry about?

Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Bill Sieben describes when someone should be concerned if they have hip pain.

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If you have had a metal hip implant and have no symptoms the question is do you have anything to worry about. The answer is probably not, but be cautious. See your doctor. Ask for a blood test. Have your cobalt and chromium levels checked, because even if you’re having no symptoms you may have cobalt and chromium in your system that you should keep an eye on, because down the road when you have an increased level of cobalt and chromium you see an increase in symptoms and problems. So you want to be proactive and keep an eye on what’s going on.

Now, many of those people, if not most, won’t have to have revision surgery and that’s a good thing. I mean you don’t want to have somebody have another total hip replacement when the hip they’ve got, even though it might be defective, isn’t causing any problems. We don’t encourage people to do that, but patients, clients, should be proactive and keep an eye on what they’ve got, because they are at an increased risk for having problems over and above the rest of the population that had a different type of hip implant.